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Profile and History

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Mission & Vision


Byrd Elementary School and its supporting community will form a partnership to ensure a quality educational program, which will provide opportunities for maximizing academic achievement.


Byrd Elementary School’s mission is to ensure a safe and secure educational environment to provide a school climate that meets the individual and academic needs of each student, and to encourage academic success and personal accomplishment.


Faculty and Staff

Currently, the professional staff consists of four kindergarten teachers, three first grade teachers, three second grade teachers, three third grade teachers, three fourth grade teachers, three fifth grade teachers, seven special education teachers. In addition to the teachers, Byrd has a principal, a receptionist, a bookkeeper, a library media specialist, an instructional support team facilitator, a guidance counselor, a physical education teacher, a Title I reading specialist, a school nurse, six instructional assistants, one instructional technology resource teacher, four custodians, and five cafeteria staff members.  The art teacher and music teacher are shared with Goochland Elementary. The speech therapist spends time among all the schools in the county. On a part-time basis Byrd has an occupational therapist, a school psychologist, and a physical therapist.

Enrollment and Demographics

The current student enrollment at Byrd is 334. The breakdown is depicted in the graph to the left:


Byrd has a diverse student population as depicted by the graphs below:



Note: The graphs are from the 2008-2009 school year.


Byrd Elementary School, one of three public elementary schools serving Goochland County (Virginia), offers a complete K-5 instructional program to approximately 334 pupils.  Nestled in a rural setting and located in the western part of Goochland, Byrd Elementary serves a diverse population representing all socioeconomic groups.

The current location of Byrd Elementary School was opened in 1959.  At that time, it represented a consolidation of three formerly segregated schools:  Backbone, Chapel Hill, and Second Union.  The new school was named Second Union Elementary School and consisted of grades one through seven.

In the fall of 1969, all of the Goochland County Public Schools were integrated.  At this time, Second Union Elementary School was renamed Byrd Primary School and housed grades 1-3. 

Kindergarten was added to Byrd in 1973, fourth grade was added in 1975, fifth grade in 1986,and sixth grade was added for the 1987-88 school year. 

In 1986, Byrd Primary School’s name officially changed to Byrd Elementary School.

To accommodate the ever-changing population at Byrd, building has undergone three renovations/additions. In addition to these changes, adjustments have been made to the academic programs in order to meet the needs of the students.

Currently, students enjoy a full elementary curriculum, including art, vocal music, physical education, keyboarding, and technology.  There are numerous other services available to the students, such as guidance, Title 1, speech, and an array of special education services.  Students have access to computers, including the Internet, through the use of a state of the art lab, portable carts, at least two computers in the classroom, as well as twelve computers in the media center.

The professional staff is dedicated to the principle of life-long learning and to continuous improvement.  The instructional emphasis is mastery of the Virginia Standards of Learning and meeting the criteria as outlined by the No Child Left Behind Act.  Much emphasis is placed on professional development to assist teachers in expanding their repertoire to meet the needs of the varying student groups.  All staff members work in a technology rich environment. Technology workshops, conferences, and classes are available monthly for faculty and staff. 

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