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Faculty & Staff Contact Information

Mr. Michael Newman, Principal email blog    
Ms. Karen Scott, Assistant Principal email blog Twitter  
Dr. Matt Covington, Assistant Principal email blog    
Mr. Bryan Gordon, Athletics & Activities Director email blog    
Career & Technical Education
Mr. Daniel Allen email    
Mr. Kenneth Bouwens email blog    
Mr. Joe Fowler email blog    
Mr. Timothy Greenway email blog    
Mr. Zachary Herbert email blog    
Ms. Anne Moore email blog    
Ms. Sarah Voyack email blog    
Ms. Margie Yurick email blog    
Ms. Jennifer Abbott email blog   Edmodo
Ms. Emily Holloway-Costa, Chair email blog    
Mr. John (Ryan) McKinnon email blog    
Ms. Susie Wales email blog   Edmodo
Mr. Jeremy Wampler email blog    
Fine Arts
Ms. Kim Bachmann, Computer Art email blog Twitter Edmodo
Mr. Neil Burch, Drama, Chair email blog Twitter  
Ms. Susan Duty, Choral Music email blog    
Mr. Mark Givens, Band email blog    
Ms. Julie Johnson, Studio Art email blog    
Ms. Cindy Shelton-Eide, Studio Art email blog    
World Languages
Ms. Deborah Blackburn email blog    
Ms. Olivia Exum email blog    
Ms. Kayleigh Kimberly email blog    
Mr. Joshua Rooke email blog    
Health & Physical Education
Ms. Melissa Black email blog    
Mr. Oliver Courtney email blog    
Mr. Wes Farkas email blog    
Ms. Amy Henneberger email blog    
Ms. Amy Bowles email blog    
Ms. Edie Flaig, Chair email blog    
Ms. Elizabeth Kilberg email blog    
Mr. Mark Givens email blog    
Mr. Preston Gordon email blog    
Mr. Barry Smith email blog    
Ms. Nancy Aldridge email blog    
Ms. Elizabeth Alford email blog   Edmodo
Ms. Kristen Bachetti, Chair email blog   Edmodo
Ms. Ashley Borgie email blog    
Ms. Kelli Bratton email blog   Edmodo
Mr. Scot Patterson email blog    
Ms. Casey Rogers email blog    
Social Studies
Mr. Patrick Brook, Chair email blog    
Mr. Brett Derrico email blog    
Mrs. Lindsey Dewey email blog    
Mr. Alex Fruth email blog    
Ms. Nancy Lewis email blog    
Ms. Erin Yearout-Patton email blog Twitter Edmodo
Special Education
Mr. John Dacey email blog    
Ms. Hannah DeFore email blog    
Ms. Anteal Gargiulo email blog    
Ms. Blair Grigg email blog    
Mr. Kellan Jones email blog    
Ms. Adrienne Miller email blog    
Ms. Bridget Parker email blog    
Ms. Melanie Stegner email blog   Edmodo
Ms. Marianne Whisler email blog    
Library Media
Mrs. Deb Cross email blog    
Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Ms. Bea Cantor email blog Twitter Edmodo
ELL Instruction
Ms. Renae Townsend email blog    
Goochland Prep
Ms. Liz Kuhns email blog Twitter Edmodo
Mr. Jeff Mabry email blog    
Athletic Trainer
Ms. Melissa Black email blog    
Instructional Assistants
Ms. Ana Baker email      
Ms. Joanne DiTerlizzi email      
Ms. Lisa Hix-Bowling email      
Ms. Brenda Martin email      
Ms. Virginia McLean email      
Ms. Denise Mickey email      
Ms. Sherry Rosen email      
Ms. Barbara Snead email      
Support Staff
Ms. Keisha Carroll—Bookkeeper email      
Ms. LeKeisha Timberlake—Attendance email      
Ms. Jennifer Waggener—Psychologist email      
Ms. Deidre Randolph—JSRCC Career Coach email blog    
Ms. Ginni Nichols—Technology Support email      

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About GHS

Goochland High School is accredited by the Virginia Department of Education and AdvancED. We educate students in grades 9-12 in Goochland County, Virginia. Learn more about GHS through our profile & history page.

We're located at:
3250-A River Road West
Goochland, VA 23063
(804) 556-5322 | Fax (804) 556-6485

Social Presence

Each teacher in Goochland maintains a weblog—an easily-updated website that includes classroom news, instructional help, and more. Please use this page to discover your teachers’ blogs to keep up to date! Blogs also are showcases for student work, including multimedia projects such as podcasts.

Report Cards

Report cards will be sent home on the following dates:

  • MP1: October 26, 2012
  • MP2: January 9, 2013
  • MP3: March 25, 2013
  • MP4: May 31, 2013


PowerSchool is our student information system for recording attendance and grades. Teachers update grades into our system weekly. For access to this system, contact your school’s office, or visit the PowerSchool login page.


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