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Do you really know what those text abbreviations mean?
Well, then...check this site out:
What are my kids talking about?

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How do YOU teach study skills?

This article is definitely worth the time it’ll take to read...(It took me about 15 minutes, but I was also bouncing around the plethora of websites mentioned in the article).

Honestly, what a wealth of resources it’ll give you.

Check this out. You will love it.
Rethinking Study Strategies!

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WOW! Look what students are doing in Seneca Valley!

An Awesome Experience for Students in Seneca Valley!

FYI: Our students have a similar experience when the rollerblade dude comes out to GMS!

For Teachers!

You can be the greatest teacher on Earth but if your classroom management needs some work, you will be ineffective.

Here are some rules of thumb to get your classroom management back on track...or refined (if you need some new ideas):
Classroom Management 101

For Teachers!

What is YOUR Objective?

Hopefully, your objective as an educator is to create an environment conducive to learning where students feel safe and are successful!

One step to creating this environment is to give students an objective. Research states that students need to know where they are going in order to learn. If they don’t know WHAT they need to learn, how will learning take place?

Objectives must be meaningful and relate to the Virginia Standards of Learning. Utilizing Bloom’s revised taxonomy is an effective way to write objectives.

Below is a link to the revised Bloom’s taxonomy. Utilize the words given in relation to each level of Bloom’s to write meaningful and assessable objectives relating to your own SOLs.

Bloom’s Taxonomy (revised)

Example: The student will be able to classify rocks and create a dichotomous key for them. (SOL: ES.6 a, b, & c)

Notice in the example above, there are two Bloom’s terms: classify and create. Classify is a lower-order thinking term whereas create is a higher-order thinking term. A student must remember the characteristics of each rock to classify each. Once the rocks are classified, he must use logic to create a dichotomous key.