Board Agendas

October 25, 2011

OCTOBER 25, 2011
Goochland High School
6:30 p.m.


1. Call to Order

2. Additions/Deletions/Changes to Agenda

3. Recognition

4. Public Hearing on Comprehensive Plan

5. Public Comment Period

6. Personnel Action (Action Item)
A personnel action is provided as Enclosure 1.  Additional recommendations may be provided at the meeting.

7. Appointment of School Health Advisory Board (SHAB) Members (Action Item)
School Health Advisory Board members are recommended by SHAB for approval by the School Board.  SHAB has recommended that the members listed on the attached be approved for the 2011-2012 school year.  (Enclosure 2)

8. Supplemental Appropriation (Action Item)
On August 9, 2011 the School Board approved a grant awarded by the Virginia Department of Education, Workforce Investment Act, in the amount of $192,237.78 for the purpose of providing expanded career guidance and experiences to high school students.  The grant has been approved in the amount of $192,237.78 for the 2011-2012 school year.  It is recommended that the School Board approve a supplemental appropriation of $192,237.78 and further request that the Board of Supervisors approve the supplemental appropriation to Fund 025 for FY 2012.  (Enclosure 3)

9. School Board Calendar (Action Item)
The regularly scheduled School Board meeting of November 8, 2011 is in conflict with Election Day.  If the School Board would like to change the meeting date or cancel the meeting, an official vote by the Board is necessary.  Concern has also been expressed about the meeting scheduled for December 27. 

10. Facilities Committee Appointments (Action Item)
The Facilities Committee operates as described in Policy FB-R.  Members appointed by the School Board serve two-year terms.  At this time, appointments are needed for members whose terms expire and for those members who are unable to continue to serve on the committee. 

11. Comprehensive Plan (Action Item)
The Comprehensive Plan, consisting of the Core Values and Beliefs, Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, has been developed, reviewed and discussed many months.  The School Board approved the Core Values and Beliefs, Vision and Mission. (Enclosure 4)

The ten focus areas have been brought to the School Board over the past four meetings for a final review prior to approval.  As feedback has been received, revisions have been made and are included in the final proposed document, which has been posted on the web site since October 14, 2011.

It is recommended that the School Board approve the Ten Focus areas’ goals and objectives. 

12. Policy JECB Revision (Information Item)
Policy JECB permits the part-time enrollment of middle and high school nonpublic school students within defined parameters, under certain conditions, and with specific expectations.  The policy does not include elementary student.  It has been proposed that the policy be revised to include the part-time enrollment of elementary nonpublic school students.  Staff are seeking direction from the Board concerning policy revision to that effect.  (Enclosure 5)

13. Report on VASS Legislative Conference

14. Closed Meeting

15. Adjournment

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