The Ron Clark Academy Contest

We put the call out almost a month ago for videos by our staff members for a chance to get an all-expenses paid visit to the Ron Clark Academy, to visit the learning playground Mr. Clark talked so much about during his convocation keynote address this past August. The following teachers submitted videos to be considered. Both staff and students with an active Google account can participate in our voting. The two teachers selected with the highest number of votes will go to Atlanta to the Ron Clark Academy in March 2016!

When is the trip? The trip to Atlanta is on March 11, 2016. In addition to our two award winners, you may also fund your own way to the the RCA if you're interested in going and your video was not selected. Please let your direct supervisor know if you're interested.

What are the rules for voting? The videos will be released on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. Voting will open on the morning of Wednesday, October 28, from 8:30 AM until Friday, October 30 at 3:45 PM. We will count the total number of votes cast by staff and students. We will collect Google IDs and you can only vote once. Make it count!

To get started, scroll down to view the videos below!

Videos will play using the Google Drive player.

Vote here!

To cast your vote for your two favorite educators with the best videos featured below, please vote using this Google Form. You will need to be logged into Google to vote. Your Google username will be collected. If you are a student using a shared computer, first go to Google to ensure you're logged in as you, and not another student.

Voting Starts Wednesday morning, 28 October until 4:00 PM 30 October 2015!

Mr. Abrego-Meneses
Goochland High School

Seņor Abrego

Mr. Joseph Beasley, Goochland Elementary School
Mr. Andrew Meiller, Goochland Middle School

Mr. Beasley and Mr. Meiller

Ms. Erin Brooks
Goochland Middle School

Ms. Brooks

Ms. Jennifer Curfman
Randolph Elementary School

Ms. Curfman

Ms. Jennifer Gates
Randolph Elementary School

Ms. Gates

Ms. Katie Gill
Goochland Middle School

Ms. Gill

Ms. Katy Jones
Goochland Middle School

Ms. Jones

Ms. Happy Krickovic
Goochland Middle School

Ms. Krickovic

Ms. Elizabeth Kuhns-Boyle
Goochland High School

Ms. Kuhns-Boyle

Ms. Amanda Steeley
Goochland Elementary School

Ms. Steeley

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