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Summer 2009 Technology Integration Workshops

This is a list of the classes with descriptions. Click on the title of a class to sign-up.

Cyberethics and Copyright - June 1-August 1, 2009 Online

This is our new ethics and copyright class with a good dose of Internet Safety. If you somehow missed it this year, or want our latest take on these topics, you can signup soon through Moodle to participate. The class begins on June 1st (before school lets out) and goes until Saturday, August 1st. This is an all-online class that operates in 3-week chunks. It's a big one: 10 points. We'll cover personal ethics in the workplace, copyright in education, and Internet safety for students.

Promethean Flipchart Boot Camp - June 23-25, 2009 Morning

The boot camp will be your chance to see well-designed flip charts (day 1) and how teachers are effectively using the Promethean boards in their classrooms across the world. On days 2 and 3, you'll have the chance to work on your own flip charts with help from the instructor. This class is ideal for teachers with Levels 1-3 training who have regular access to a board.

Scratch Workshop - June 23-25, 2009 Morning

This is a newly advertised class. The Scratch workshop will cover the basics through advanced capabilities of Scratch, the constructionist-designed software from MIT. Scratch is a multimedia workshop that empowers kids ages 9-15 in the design of "projects." We'll cover all the types of things your kids can do (we're targeting grades 3-8) using Scratch. We will also include instruction on using our new Picoboards - a sensor add-on for Scratch. Scratch teaches the basics of computer programming without having to write a single line of code, that combines the possibilities of multimedia with interaction.

eBooks and Your Library - June 29, 2009 Morning

This class is for teachers at Goochland High School only. Media specialist Deb Cross will take you through the easiest way of integrating some the latest additions to her collection into your curriculum. She'll touch upon some old favorites such as SiRS, NetTrekker, and Gale Infotrac for conducting research. But the focus of this class will be on the GHS library's new reference collection of eBooks. Teachers taking this 3-hour class will be prepared to start off the year with the latest tools for empowering students with research both in- and outside the library.

Turn-it-in and Plagiarism - June 30, 2009 Morning

This class is only for GHS teachers. Media specialist Deb Cross will introduce teachers to all the new features of "Turn it in," a service available to teachers at GHS. Any teacher who requires student to turn in written work can use Turn-it-in. You can use this service to collect papers, you can use it to grade the papers with virtual tools such as stamps and highlighters, and you can post grades to the site as well. Turn-it-in is most famous for his plagiarism detection system. Every paper or submission can be scanned against the vast Turn-it-in database to check submissions for plagiarism. Come to this class to learn how to begin using the system right away, and in turn, make the collection and grading of written assignments easier and less stressful.

Reaching Digital Learners with Moodle - July 13-16, 2009 Morning

This is our classic 12-hour Moodle course with an emphasis on creating learning experiences with Moodle that relate well to the learning styles of our digital native students. Whether you've dabbled in Moodle or are completely fresh, you'll learn how to establish online course materials using Moodle - an online course management system. You'll have extensive time in this course to develop your own materials for use later in the school year. This is appropriate for teachers of motivated third graders and up through high school. Moodle today is being used in thousands of schools, universities, and training centers across the globe, and is in the same class as other tools such as Blackboard, Angel Learning, and WebCT.

Embedding Fun, Instructional Content in your Blog - July 6, 2009 Morning

Come learn how to add the multimedia cherry on your blog. This 3-hour course will cover blogging through the lens of a digital native. What kinds of media engage kids? How can you use your blog as a real learning tool, not just a message board for parents? Sign-up to find out!

Podcasting Workshop - The Ultimate Project Based Experience - July 20-23, 2009 Morning

This 12-hour course will cover the podcasting process for students as a project-based lesson approach. You can teach almost anything through podcasting. Kids find them fun to produce because they have an authentic audience. Learn the steps of planning, writing, researching, collecting material, recording, editing, and publishing podcasts. You will leave this session with a plan of action for creating at least one podcast project with your kids. Since we're inviting teachers of all age groups, we will put you in similar teams after the first day to work together (elementary/secondary). While there are tons of free podcasts and university lectures now available through iTunes, we'll focus primarily on getting your students to produce their own. We'll also introduce Apple's new initiative with the Virginia DOE: iTunesU Virginia k-12.

Blogging Best Practices - July 20-21, 2009 Afternoon

This class will expand upon what I shared with over 100 educators this summer in Washington, D. C. at the 2009 NECC conference. We'll explore blogging inside out by looking at good examples, and then focus our examination on how you can expand your blog's audience, help other educators, and become an active member of an educational blogging community showcasing/sharing best teaching practices.

I want my G21 Stimulus Package - July 13-15, 2009 Afternoon

This workshop will focus on planning the most elaborate, fun-filled, and engaging project-based lesson for next school year. Get ahead with establishing your G21 project in this class and walk away with the plan and software expertise required to succeed before school even begins. Bring your curriculum guides and ideas along. We'll cover what makes a great project-based lesson then look at where technology can fit in to enhance or drive your instructional goals.

We need at least 5 participants to hold a class. By signing up for a class, you are committing to showing up on all days and participating in these workshops.

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