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Acorn by Flying Meat Software

Acorn is image editing software that's easy to use. Think of it like a version of Adobe Photoshop that everyone can use.

They have a great tutorial page with Acorn on the web.

What can I do with Acorn?

  1. Crop a photo
  2. Paint
  3. Color-correct photographs
  4. Create artwork for high-resolution printing
  5. Apply a water mark
  6. Work with layers
  7. Apply special effects to your photos
  8. Create a panorama
  9. Add borders to pictures
  10. Create "gradient" text with color
  11. Change colors in a photo
  12. Add "spot" color to a photo

Why use it with kids?

  1. They can learn a useful skill in being able to edit found or created photos
  2. Students can create original artwork
  3. Students get hands-on experience with media and visual literacy
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Page last modified on March 26, 2012, at 02:28 PM