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Copyright, Ethics of Cyberspace and Internet Safety

These links were gathered by John Hendron. This wiki page contains easy-to-click links that appear on the class worksheet handout. The slide presentation I used today with some of the Internet Safety statistics is also available online.

Check out Wes Fryer's page on copyright for educators (lots of good links).

Page 1: Fair Use

Page 2: Cyberethics

Page 4: Internet Safety Lesson Resources

Page 4: What makes a good lesson plan for Internet Safety?

  • Make the content relevant. Many issues can be tied to concepts already being taught through the SOL.
  • Make sure the lesson has a measurable component: how do we know the students have learned what your objective states?
  • Does your lesson focused on technology use technology?
  • Focus on just one of the categories listed on the left-hand side of the page for the content of your lesson.
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Page last modified on February 18, 2009, at 08:11 AM