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Digital Portfolios Page

This staff development opportunity has two main objectives:

  • To help teachers begin a digital or electronic professional portfolio
  • To empower teachers with the tools required to integrate electronic portfolio assessment with students

To wit, here is our "digital toolbox," some, or all of which, may be used to develop your digital portfolio:

So, if a portfolio is a collection of artifacts, what's the most important aspect of putting a digital portfolio together?

Organization of artifacts!

Some questions before we start the digital portfolio include:

  • Who is the audience? (principal, peers, perspective employers)
  • What represents my best work?
  • Do the artifacts show growth?
  • Is the format I am choosing for my digital portfolio easy to update?
  • Do I want feedback on my portfolio content?
  • What best shows my instructional practices? (a worksheet, blog posts, a video of you actually teaching a lesson? Awards? Thank-you letters?)

The digital portfolio (also sometimes called the e-portfolio) is:

  • Easily reproduced
  • Easily manipulated
  • Easily shared
  • Easily organized (and re-organized)
  • Instruction
  • Assessment
  • Learning Environment
  • Communication & Community Relations
  • Professionalism

As you organize your artifacts--the content of your portfolio--think of multiple ways of organizing the content.

Online Resources

Choices Before We Start

  • What artifacts?
  • How to organize?
  • Which medium? (webpage, blog, presentation)


How do we make "analog" content digital?

  • Audio and video recordings
  • Photograph documentation (documents, awards)
  • Link to blog posts
  • Embed Screenshots
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Page last modified on April 03, 2007, at 03:01 PM