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Professional Development in Goochland

It's the expectation by the school division for each employee to engage in continuous self-improvement through participation in professional development activities throughout the school year. These may include seminars, meetings, and workshops during the school day, after-school classes, and conferences and events outside county lines.

Technology Requirement

Specifically, each teacher is required to participate in at least one technology class each school year. While a variety of technology classes are offered, it must last at least 2 hours after school or online, and be geared towards integrating technology into instruction. Classes that do not count will be labeled "basic" and help participants with computer basics and productivity.

These classes are required of classroom teachers and school guidance counselors. Administrators, occupational therapists, and school psychologists are invited to these classes. Other aides and employees may also take these classes, as space permits.

What if a class is cancelled?

Scheduled classes may be cancelled if registration does not meet the minimum attendance requirement. In these cases, the technology staff may reschedule the class or arrange for one-on-one time with teachers affected by the cancellation.

Can I substitute another professional development activity for my technology class requirement?

You may submit in writing (e-mail is fine) to John Hendron, Supervisor of Instructional Technology, a request to substitute another activity for your technology class. This must be done prior to participating in the activity. Once approved (by providing some information about your activity and getting an "OK" in return), you must complete the activity and report back to John Hendron one of two things.

If the activity is a conference, workshop, or other similar event, you must put into practice what you learned and provide an artifact or facsimile of one for review.

If the activity is a graduate level course at 3 credits or higher, then you must report your final grade, B or higher, to receive credit.

Can I work with someone during my planning time for credit?

You may only work during the work day for credit if you have prior permission or are invited to do so due to a class cancellation.

What if I take a class during the summer?

We traditionally offer summer classes that can count towards next year's requirement. This is a great way to get a more in-depth experience and get the course requirement out of the way.

Some teachers may be taking a summer class to make up for one missed through the year. In this case, the class credit applies to the previous school year.

What are the requirements for the Ethics class?

Goochland offers an Ethics of Cyberspace and Digital Citizenship class. This class counts as a integration class. All teachers new to Goochland County will take this class as their integration course during the first year working for us. This class has been offered in both online and in face-to-face formats. Any employee returning to Goochland after time away from the Division may be required to re-take the class. If you have taken this class within the past seven years, there is no requirement to re-take it.

Who teaches the classes?

John Hendron teaches many of the classes and other educators he has chosen. Typically, our library school media specialists have the expertise required and also our instructional technology resource teacher.

When do I receive credit for taking the classes?

Certificates are issued biannually through e-mail. The first certificate generally is sent in January, and the second one in May.

If you have further questions about technology professional development opportunities, contact John Hendron. Class sign ups are available here on our wiki for all classes.

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