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In March, 2008, Goochland began support for Google Apps, an online collection of productivity tools from Google. This document outlines how to use these services. For the 2007-08 SY, these services are only being offered to teachers and staff.

Logging In for the First Time

There are several different Google URLs you will want to bookmark. The first is this login page.

To sign-in, put in your Goochland account credentials in the box on the left-hand-side of the screen.

The first time, you will be asked to read some legalese and confirm you're human by entering the letters you see displayed on the screen.

We have configured accounts to use your Goochland e-mail names and passwords. If your Goochland e-mail credentials don't work, please contact John Hendron.

Four Google Services

  • Sites
  • Docs
  • Calendar
  • Start Page

Sites is a wiki area. Any user can configure their own personal wiki for use for professional business within Goochland County Public Schools with their colleagues. If you have ad-hoc committees, hospitality teams, or other groups that need an interactive, collaborative space, this newest addition to the Google Apps might be for you.

Sites URL:

Docs is what started the revolution. This is Google's online office suite: spreadsheet, word processor, and presentation software. You can upload Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents and work with them now online. Why? Because you can simultaneously edit the same document with your colleagues "live." You can share documents. You don't have to shuffle around different versions! And--Google keeps a history of each save of your document so you can always roll-back to an earlier edit.

Docs URL:

Google Calendar is a great online calendar tool. Once again, it's collaborative. Add other Goochland users to your calendar as viewers or as collaborators. You can edit one another's calendars if you choose.

Calendar URL:

Google Start Page is your customizable homepage for the Web. Add "widgets" which include different content from various places across the Web. If you've used "iGoogle" before, this is our version of it!

StartPage URL:

What if I already have a Google Account and use Google Apps?

You may already have a Gmail account, or signed up to use Google Apps in the past. By using Goochland's implementation of Google Apps, you will easily be able to share content among your colleagues--you already know their usernames.

If you have business documents (word processing, spreadsheets, or presentations) you'd like to transfer to your new Google Apps for Goochland, you login under your original Google ID and share those documents with your new user identity with Goochland.

One feature is currently unavailable through your own personal Google Account, and that's Google Sites. To use this service, you must be part of an organization. We hope you find these tools useful and helpful.

Show Me How to Use These Tools

Many folks will get up and running quickly with Google's online suite of tools and services. We plan to offer professional development during the 2008-09 SY. Before then, use the very short tutorial videos below to get started on using Google Apps!

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Page last modified on April 04, 2008, at 01:52 PM