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In late February, John Hendron presented Google Earth at the 21st Annual VSTE Conference in Virginia Beach. His original hand-out is online:

A Scene from Google Earth

GoogleEarth is a 3D altas program for PCs and Macs. On the surface, it shows the globe. Below this surface, it can provide data points, provide interaction through paths and measuring, and allow us to customize the display with added content from various sources.

Google Sketchup is another application, referenced several times below, which allows you to build 3D models for buildings in Google Earth. Mrs. Kimberly Berry is using this application in a dedicated class at Goochland High School, where students are modeling buildings in the Goochland Courthouse area for the world to discover!

These resources are a good start:

Basics and General GE Resources

Formatting and Creating Places

Model Lessons Using GE

John's Google Earth Podcasts

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