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iWork '09

Apple's suite of productivity tools is called iWork and is made up of three applications:

A few of my favorite things about each application.


  1. A layout mode for creating an object-oriented layout. Great for arranging shapes, pictures, and text boxes around the screen.
  2. Full-screen mode: take out the distractions, and use the entire screen to write.
  3. Object wrap: easy controls for manipulating graphics on the page, especially when you want text to automagically move around it.
  4. Headers and Footers: Always available on screen and easily changed without switching modes.


  1. Just highlight values to get auto-calculated sum, average, min/max and count
  2. Styles (spreadsheets don't have to be boring)
  3. Sort by each column
  4. Multiple tables per sheet
  5. Great-looking charts


  1. Presenter display
  2. Guides help arrange graphics/media on the slide
  3. Graphic inspector - shadows, reflections, etc.
  4. Record Presentation - Export as Quicktime
  5. Hide slides feature

There are some common features between these three apps which is the real killer feature: learn the feature once, and you've learned two more times! These apps are consistently designed and organized, making switching between them a breeze.

  1. The Inspectors - there are some unique options in each application, but these are consistent between apps.
  2. Toolbar - Be sure to go to View -> Customize Toolbar.
  3. Colors and Fonts - just like the inspector, these "inspectors" are shared between applications
  4. You can now upload these versions to Google Apps to import them into Docs.
  5. Export Functions - in each app are export options for other file formats (PDF, Excel, etc.)
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Page last modified on June 07, 2011, at 01:52 PM