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Kidspiration in the classroom

“Kidspiration: The visual way to understand words, numbers and concepts.”

 - from the Inspiration/Kidspiration website.

TWO Ways to use Kidspiration:

  1. To create new kidspiration activities, choose either Picture or Writing view...
  • Picture view is great for mapping, diagraming and webbing activities
  • Writing view is great for outlining, summaries, etc. 2. Or choose an activity all ready created...
  • On start page - choose the subject area - and then browse through the ready made kidspiration activities
  • Create an activity ahead of time and save (go to teacher menu and click “save with activity wizard”)
  • Search for already made activities on the internet

10 Possible Uses of Kidspiration:

  1. . Word Study sorts
  2. . Venn Diagrams
  3. . KWL Charts
  4. . Prewriting for creative writing
  5. . Outlining Social Studies or Science Content
  6. . “Begins with...” diagram
  7. . Illustrate Cycles (Water cycle, rock cycle, life cycles, etc.)
  8. . Scientific Method
  9. . Vocabulary review
  10. . Comparing Activities (living vs. nonliving, big vs. little, etc. )

Kidspiration can be used for most anything, the possibilities are limitless!

Internet Resources:

Great downloadable Kidspiration activities organized by subject area:

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Page last modified on October 25, 2010, at 01:51 PM