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Subscribing to RSS feeds using Safari is a matter of clicking. (If you want to subscribe to podcasts, follow this guide.)

When you navigate to a website with an RSS feed, Safari will notify you by adding a blue RSS button on the address bar.

Clicking the RSS button automatically takes you to feed view. There will be a blue band with the website title along the top of the screen. The address in the navigation bar will start with feed://.

So far you are only viewing the RSS feed. To subscribe, grab the globe icon to the left of the word "FEED" and drag it to the bookmarks bar. This will open a dialog box.

Use a short name for naming your feed. You don't want to take up all your space on the bookmarks bar. Type and you are done.

Here is what your feeds will look like. In the image, you see my bookmark folder for Goochland. Next to that is my feed from Mr. Hendron's blog. Next to that is a blog I like. The parentheses with the number one indicate that there is a new post on that blog that I have not read yet.

Each day, Safari will check every RSS feed you have bookmarked. You can tell when a site is updated, by seeing a number appear in the parenthesis after your bookmarked feed's name. (A 5 would obviously indicate five new posts to a blog, that you have not yet read, or 5 new articles from a news site.)

You can change your preferences for your RSS feeds in your Safari preferences. You can make changes to how often Safari checks for updates and how long unread messages show up in your bookmarks bar.

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Page last modified on August 30, 2007, at 11:51 AM