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Welcome to Goochland County

This page details resources used on May 7, 2010, in Goochland County for the Region 1 Superintendent's Study Group on 21st Century Skills. We will meet in the downstairs training room at 2938 River Road West, building I, in Goochland (zip: 23063).


Major Themes

  • Learning in the 21st century will benefit from tools that are flexible, mobile, malleable, open, and extendable. (Think Moodle vs. Blackboard)
  • Digital information (including text) fits the bill.
  • Digital connections can also influence learning through the wisdom of crowds.
  • Managing the outrageous amount of content to which we now have access is a real challenge.
  • Using social bookmarking sites and RSS feeds can help!
  • Google is the leader in new tools: check out their labs page to see what's new!

Products Mentioned

  • Apple iPad
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap
  • Google Earth
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Page last modified on May 07, 2010, at 06:40 AM